torch 0.1.1 Unreleased

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that made RandomSampler(replacement = TRUE) to never take the last element in the dataset. (84861fa)
  • Fixed torch_topk and x$topk so the returned indexes are 1-based (#280)
  • Fixed a bug (#275) that would cause 1 - torch_tensor(1, device = "cuda") to fail because 1 was created in the CPU. (#279)
  • We now preserve names in the dataloader output (#286)
  • torch_narrow, Tensor$narrow() and Tensor$narrow_copy are now indexed starting at 1. (#294)
  • Tensor$is_leaf is now an active method. (#295)
  • Fixed bug when passing equations to torch_einsum. (#296)
  • Fixed nn_module_list() to correctly name added modules, otherwise they are not returned when doing state_dict() on it. (#300)
  • Fixed bug related to random number seeds when using in-place methods. (#303)
  • Fixed nn_batchnorm* so it returns the same results as PyTorch (#302)
  • Fixed a bug that made nn_module$parameter when there were shared parameters between layers. (#306)
  • Fixed $max and $min to return 1-based indexes. (#315)

New features

  • Expanded the utils_data_default_collate to support converting R objects to torch tensors when needed. (#269)
  • Added an as.matrix method for torch Tensors. (#282)
  • By default we now truncate the output of print(totrch_tensor(1:40)) if it spans for more than 30 lines. This is useful for not spamming the console or taking very long to print when you print a very large tensor. (#283)
  • Added the Adadelta optimizer (@krzjoa #284)
  • Added support for GPU’s on Windows (#281)
  • Added the Adagrad optimizer (@krzjoa #289)
  • Added RMSprop optimizer (@krzjoa #290)
  • Added the Rprop optimizer (@krzjoa #297)
  • Added gradient clipping utilities (#299)
  • Added nnf_contrib_sparsemax and nn_contrib_sparsemax. (#309)
  • Added ASGD optimizer (@krzjoa #307)
  • Getters and setters for the number of threads used by torch (#311)

torch 0.1.0 2020-09-28

  • Added many missing losses (#252)
  • Implemented the $<- and [[<- operators for the nn_module class. (#253)
  • Export nn_parameter, nn_buffer, and is_* auxiliary functions.
  • Added a new serialization vignette.
  • Added a few learning rate schedulers (#258)

torch 0.0.2 2020-08-31

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Auto install when loading the package for the first time.