A torch_device is an object representing the device on which a torch_tensor is or will be allocated.

torch_device(type, index = NULL)



(character) a device type "cuda" or "cpu"


(integer) optional device ordinal for the device type. If the device ordinal is not present, this object will always represent the current device for the device type, even after torch_cuda_set_device() is called; e.g., a torch_tensor constructed with device 'cuda' is equivalent to 'cuda:X' where X is the result of torch_cuda_current_device().

A torch_device can be constructed via a string or via a string and device ordinal


if (torch_is_installed()) { # Via string torch_device("cuda:1") torch_device("cpu") torch_device("cuda") # current cuda device # Via string and device ordinal torch_device("cuda", 0) torch_device("cpu", 0) }
#> torch_device(type='cpu', index=0)